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Despite the pandemic, we still wanted to be in the kitchen...

We posted meals online, compared notes, and talked about the latest restaurant closures. Our conversations shifted from unemployment concerns to the changes in eating and home-cooking habits we were reading about—and to the comfort a good meal can provide. These conversations brought us back to the times we really enjoyed cooking and felt a deep sense of pride in what we were making. They brought us back to ourselves. 

Parts & Labor was born from these conversations, and we opened as a ghost restaurant in the OTR in July 2020.

Economic and public health conditions will eventually normalize, but in the meantime, we’ll do our part to provide some well-earned comfort.


Although we began our venture in uncertain times, we’re committed to our passion. We use local ingredients and 100% compostable or recyclable packaging when possible and we compost, donate, or upcycle excess ingredients to reduce waste.